HOYOP-HOYOPAN CAVE: Is found in Cotmon, Camalig's White mountain and just 30 minutes away from Albay Provincial Capitol.Hoyop-hoyopan is based on the word hoyop, which means blowing of air and this cave was named hoyop-hoyopan because once you are inside, you will feel soft winds blowing in from all of the numerous openings around this cave. And, because it is well ventilated, the inside of this cave really smells fresh. Among those that you will find inside this cave are: a few remains of cavemen who lived there millions of years ago. There are also bats hanging everywhere but there is nothing to worry about getting attacked by these small creatures because they are actually very friendly and they don't have that peculiar smell. The best deal awaiting curious visitors is the sight of very old stalactites and stalagmites formed out of those millions of years of this cave's existence. This cave is privately owned by locals and because of its unique wonder, the owners have decided to open it to the public. However, for maintenance purposes, they charge visitors an entrance fee of $3/head. There is also an improvised small souvenir stall outside the cave and they sell raw crystas as souvenirs. Prices depend on the size of the crystal stones. Minimum selling price of crystals- the size of a baby fist is at 50 cents and the biggest and more expensive of course is at $ 10 up. For further details about this cave, refer to pictures of Hoyop-hoyopan cave earlier provided.

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