CAGSAWA RUINS: From Lignon Hills take the new short cut via airport road, travel another 10 minutes and you'll find yourself in Cagsawa Ruins' site. There is actually nothing there but the remaining half buried Bell Tower and the frame of the old convent where the nuns who served there lived. It is the view of Mayon Volcano on the background that mesmerizes everyone who visits this ruins. Mayon Volcano's eruption in 1814 was what devastated the entire town of Cagsawa. In fact it buried many people alive as they were said to be trapped inside their houses when the lava spewed by Mayon Volcano flowed towards this particular town thus burying it in one mischievous eruption. Ironically though, it was Cagsawa's annihilation in the year 1814 that gave birth to its being linked with Mayon Volcano to date. Since the day the world heard of what happened to the poor town of Cagsawa, whenever Bicol is mentioned the first picture that comes into their minds is the image of a perfectly formed volcano with Cagsawa Ruins and the old Bell Tower sitting at the foot of it. (famous Bicol's emblem)

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