From Legazpi City (Albay), go to Naga City (Camarines Sur). From Naga City, hit the road going to Sabang. Once you reach Sabang, take a boat ride going to Caramoan. This would cost $ 2.50 per passenger- one way. Most of these boats from Sabang are bound for Guialo Port. From Guailo Port you can either go to Paniman or
Bikal. Don't worry- regardless if you choose Paniman or Bikal, the activities you'll be doing when you get there would still be the same, only the accommodation differs. Paniman offers better though a little bit more costly.

Activities that await anyone who visits this place would be- Island hopping, swimming, snorkeling, diving, trekking and exploring the islands.

There are a number of islands to visit when you get there. The famous of which is Gota Island- being the favorite destination of many adventurous foreigners. Maybe it is because of this island's breathtaking beauty that magnetizes many sea lovers to flock to this island.

Best Islands to visit are: GOTA, MATUKAD, VITA LAYA, and LAHOY. Then comes- LAHOS, UNUNGAN, BAGING, and BOGTONG.

I need not say fancy words to describe this place. Let the pictures talk....

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