FIREFLY WATCHING in Donsol, Sorsogon: Is another phenomenon found only in Sorsogon, Albay. This particular river cruising in the dark, which starts only when it is totally dark is one of the most thrilling experience I have had in Sorsogon. The earliest 1-hr river cruise starts at 6:30 pm. This is also among the unique experiences that tourists visiting Donsol, Sorsogon in Bicol get to enjoy after a day of fun with those playful Butandings. The idea is to cruise a long river very similar to that river where they shoot ANACONDA, where Jennifer Lopez played the starring role. The riverbanks on both sides of the stream are filled with trees where thousands of fireflies flock in each of the thousands of trees aligned there. The effect is spectacular! With all those Fireflies flying everywhere and glowing in the dark like small emeralds floating everywhere, NOTHING Compares. The slow boat ride in the dark and the amazing sight of small green lights floating everywhere (during the entire 1-hour trip) is an unforgettable unique experience indeed. You'll feel like being transported to the kingdom of mini fairies and the unknown, and with the thrilling boat ride speaking even more. You have got to experience taking this river cruise in the dark yourself to know the feeling, which I am finding so hard to put into words. However, much as you are dying to immortalize this adventure- it is an encounter that you cannot capture with your camera because fireflies glow only in the dark. Rental boats cost $25 per boat. A boat can accommodate 10 passengers

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