TICAO ISLAND: This island is in Masbate and an hour boat ride from Bulan, Sorsogon. Bulan, Sorsogon is 40 minutes away from Legazpi City proper. From Bulan, Sorsogon you need to ride a boat to get to Ticao Island. Ticao Island is worth the long boat ride. If you'll explore this island, you get to see Virgin Waterfalls, BIG BAT Cave, you could also go diving, snorkeling, water skiing, and other water sports activities of your choice that may be offered to tourists for minimal rental fees. However, in order not to waste your time bargaining with the locals for cheaper boat rides or with guides to assist you in trekking this island I would suggest that it would be wise to seek the services of your travel agencies so that they could make the arrangements for you. For further details about this paradise in Masbate, just visit websites covering wider info about Ticao Island

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